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Can you get pregnant 2 days after your first peak ovulation?

Hello my period was on October 30  for 5-6 days... I got my two peaks on clear blue fertility monitor by November 6 (cd8)and 7(cd 9) super early this month i have sex with my boyfriend on November 8 (CD 10) 

My next period is due November 26 

Can I get pregnant two days after my peak days ? 

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    You can get pregnant absolutely any time during your cycle. There is no safe time. 

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    Depends on when you ovulate (or if you have yet).  The test can't tell you when you will.  All it tells you is when LH spikes, which may or may not trigger ovulation.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The monitor is reading changes in your hormones.  There is a surge of two certain hormones when ovulation should happen.  This hormones should trigger ovulation.

    IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE OVULATION.  It just means the right hormone balance for ovulation is happening.  

    When actually trying to conceive, sex in the days BEFORE seeing the highest surge is more likely to cause pregnancy.  When the egg actually releases, it only lives 12 to 24 hours but sperm can live for up to 5 days.  At two days after the peak - it MIGHT be too late for pregnancy - the egg might have been dead.  

    If you are tracking this to try to avoid pregnancy, then I would wait more than two days after seeing what appears to be a peak day - especially if the peak seemed to be early.

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