Masters in Health Informatics is it worth it? Salary and Hours?


  In college I took anatomy and physiology, pathology, pharm, medical term, and all were easy. I took an occupational therapy class as a free elective. All A's in every class mentioned above. However, my sleep schedule is so screwed up, I can't do nursing for clinicals. I took a nursing class, my pre-req GPA is a 3.85. Every nursing school i applied to, I got accepted. I took my first semester got a B in nursing. Wasn't that hard really. I had no sleep for 72 hours each week after week because my sleep disorder. Semester 2 hits, I carry a B...again taking each test with No sleep. However, the nursing program was suppose to be afternoons, that's why I accepted. That was a lie was 6a.m-2 P.M. Prior to entering program, I gave them documentation and made them aware of my issue. They said they had afternoons, no problem. When I got accepted, they had a new director. They had 6 directors in the span of 9 years. I told the new director the same. She said, because it was a medical issue, she'd place me in afternoons. I asked because I do not expect a school to bend around a student, so I was trying to find schools who organically had afternoons. Well, that was a lie. So I had to take an F, my body couldn't keep doing 72 hours straight each week with no sleep. I had no clinical errors despite my sleep. 

That all being said, My goal was nurse practitioner. Now looking at health informatics> What is the salary and hours for that field Is it good?

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