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what are the metrics by which you judge whether somebody is genuinely rich or not ?

is it the clothes they wear or the watch they're wearing or the phone they carry ?

or maybe its the car they drive. yeah, the car doesn't lie.

or maybe its the house, after all your home is your castle and what better way to make a statement to someone with regards to how well you're doing in your life. A big house means big bank balance surely right ?

or maybe its none of these things.

by rich I do mean actual wealth. 

what are the tell tale signs somebody is over exaggerating how wealthy they are ? and how do you spot a genuine rich person ?

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    Their net worth or tax return.

    As a tax guy, I have seen millionaires who wear old clothes and don't put the air conditioning on in the summer because it costs too much.  I have also seen people inherit millions and blow it in the first year gambling or shopping. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ooooooo Metrics.  Genuinely rich would be trying to donate it all before you die but it keeps coming in faster than you can give it away.  That is not a joke.  Happens all the time.  btw.  After the most evil rich man trhat ever lived buys everything he can possible buy including drugs, ten homes a hundred cars and endless whores he still has 99 % of his wealth left.  That's rich.  Now that 99% goes into stocks to create your job or a bank for your home and car loans.  Or would you rather he pay it in monster taxes so politicians can waste it, steal it and give it to their friends.  The most common way to give it to family and friends is to create a fake non-profit or grant program.  Then you wife gets a 250,000 pay check for being the CEO of the non-profit and your son wins a 100,000 grant to study butterflys in Mexico..

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    If you are building a second floor on their home and then it starts to snow out... Hopefully they will ask you if you need to borrow their snow-shovel...before you end up building a Igloo in their kitchen...   

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    The rich don't need to drive. They can afford a taxi or hire a driver.

    The spoiled have trouble understanding how people can live without the latest gadget, or what choices the poor have to make

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    2 months ago

    I just ask IRS. Or credit bureau. If I can get his debit credit cash flow,it must be easier.

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    Without figuring out their net worth, you will never know.

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