Remove base/stand from old Acer monitor?

Monitor model is AL2216W. 

I'm trying to remove the stand from the monitor so I can mount it on my wall, but I've been unsuccessful so far. Anyone have any experience with this monitor/similar monitors? Any screwdrivers needed?

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  • 2 months ago

    There are screws holding it on, look on the back and yes a philps screwdriver is required.

  • 2 months ago

    I am holding my Acer AL2216W monitor right now.  I see the attachment.  I cannot get the plastic hinge cover to pop off easily.  If you use a screwdriver, you might get it to break off.  Then you can get to the metal parts of the tilt hinge.  Then there might be a way to get the vertical arm off.

    User manual shows the vertical arm was shipped attached at the factory. The bottom pad or large foot was put on by the user. That pad should come off fairly easily.  There are two retainer tabs under the foot where the smaller pad snaps to it.  I can almost push a tab in with my fingernail.  More force should release the large foot.

    I think the arm is screwed on from inside the back cover. You could try to take it off and get access that way. If that is too much or won't work, then you might have to hacksaw off the arm if you don't want to see it sticking down below the bottom edge.  Be sure to tape up the vent holes before hacking to keep metal chips out of the electronics.

    Things are so much simpler with my CRTs.  Too heavy and thick to stick onto a wall.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You just have to push in the end of the pin where the stand connects to the monitor

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