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Why would a married man tell me this ?

He said he is a flirty and touchy feely type of guy. 

From what I can tell he has a close flirty friendship with another woman who is also married.

He says he and his wife have trust in each other and she’s not the jealous type. Yet, when I asked him if he’d be ok with doing the stuff he does behind his wife’s back ( massaging close female friends, flirting, letting them sit on his lap) He says, no, he wouldn’t act that way, still he doesn’t see this as cheating because he says his female friend is like that with other men too.

Other times he says he hates how jealous his wife is about everyone. What’s up with the opposite statements ? 

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    He is a low-life scum.  Call his wife and tell her what he said.  Tells his kids.  If this was at work, go to HR and report him for sexual harassment  Tell them you want him fired.  If they don;t get a lawyer and sue.  Better yet go to the police and report him for solicitation.  Then he can appear in court and explain it all to a judge. 

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    2 months ago

     He’s clout chasing for bragging right’s it would seem zxj

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    Have you heard of "Swingers", where you sleep with someones mate... ???   and this is what everyone does...    normal...

  • 2 months ago

    He is wanting to cheat on his wife with you and either you know he's married or he is too stupid to pretend he's single?

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  • 2 months ago

    Because he is trying to have sex with you.  Or maybe he is just acting macho.

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