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Is it illegal to change the date that you received an email?

I recently had a coworker who changed the date that he had received an email before forwarding it. In order to make it seem like he had received it more recently. I’m guessing he did it because he forgot to forward it when he originally received it. It didn’t cause the company any harm or any customers and He did not change the contents of the the email just the received date. He was covering his but with our boss who is notoriously abusive to her employees when they cross her. It is dishonest for sure. But Is it illegal? Should he be fired? Or written up?

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    Unethical but not illegal. Could result in being disciplined or fired if caught. But if the environment is so toxic that an employee feels the need to do this to avoid being scolded by a manager then it doesn't sound like a healthy work environment to begin with.

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    No, it's not illegal. It's unethical.

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    It is not illegal, however this is an action that will usually result in a termination with cause.

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    If he gained any kind of financial reward for perpetrating this fraud, it's illegal.  If not, it's just misrepresentation.  Lying is not illegal although lying to your boss about something related to business could get you fired.

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