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Suspended from work. Still in system. No email or call replies. What to do?


I was recently suspended from work over a week ago. My job stated they were going to call me back to check in later that week but never did.

That week,  I was in a domestic violence situation, (my ex hit me). I took off work the next day due to stress form the incident.( I let my supervisor know early that morning I needed to take off that day). Then I received an email from them stating I am suspended until I can work full time. I'm still in their system, I still have clients assigned to me, and I'm still in the clock in/out program they have. The only thing I am locked out of my work email I am not sure if password issues or they just locked me out.

I do not know if I am suspended with or without pay. I do not know if I have a job anymore. A letter or email from them would help. I looked through  the handbook, did not see any information on suspensions.

I need to know something from them. 

So I can know if I need to start looking for another job, especially if this "Suspension" is without pay.

What are some professional ways to approach this? Suggestions, Or email ideas? I never expected this to happen and I am afraid to mess up.

Thank you.


Hello, additional information. I just started there in September. This was my first time calling out. I told them I would have to attend court later that week and the following week for a restraining order against my ex. I offered to give them paper work for details on this situation but still no replies. I have been working full time which is  35 hours a week which is their full time.

I will look into the state laws, I live in MD.


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    A few thoughts. First, relative to the domestic violence-did you file a police report and press charges? If you, make sure you have copies of the documentation to provide to your employer. Second, what did your employer mean by you being suspended until you can work full time? Had you not been working full time, or had you taken a number of days off/called out repeatedly in a short amount of time?

    In my state, there are laws about domestic violence, including one which gives victims of domestic violence up to 12 weeks off (unpaid) work to deal with domestic violence issues, including getting medical treatment, relocating from the abusive environment, getting psychological treatment, etc. Your state may have something similar that you could consider looking into. Much like FMLA, there is certain information that you would have to provide to your employer to qualify.

    I’d suggest you call your supervisor and ask for clarification of your status with them. Ask why, exactly, you were suspended, and what conditions would need to be met to be reinstated. Depending on the relationship you have with your supervisor, you could even ask if you should be looking for a new job and see what they say. This whole thing sounds very odd to me, is there more to the story that you haven’t shared?

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    So why did you not phone them?

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    file for unemployment

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