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can you tell if another poker player is bluffing in online poker ?

if you are sitting at a physical table you can look at them for their tells. Are there tells in online poker too? What advice would you give a beginner poker player starting online? Is online poker easier or harder? 

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    To your main question: see Scott's answer.

    Re: easier or harder, online is much harder. The good players occupy multiple tables at once and thus, by cloning, outnumber the recreational players. Online regulars do a lot of studying, are much better preflop, have a much better understanding of theory, and have many more hands of experience than live players. Most live players would struggle at the microstakes online.

    Re: advice, start at the lowest microstakes even if there's no thrill in winning such small pots. This will keep your poker tuition small and you'll improve at the same rate as you would playing higher stakes. As for strategic advice, learn the game-theoretic approach to poker. (One doesn't need it to beat the micros, but the point is to learn it while you're at them so that by the time you move higher, you're prepared to compete with the sharks at higher stakes. In 2020, game theory is necessary to beat good players long-term.)

  • 2 months ago

    The only tells you can get online is how much and how fast they bet. Otherwise, just like in real life, you have to study them over time and learn how they play.

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