How do I make my little brother stop being such a poussy?

Okay so my little brother is a tank. My dad is 6’6” and my mom is 5’8”. My little brother is currently 5’10” and 170lbs with a size 13 shoe at the age of 12. That’s insane, considering I’m 16, 6’2”, 150lbs with a size 12 shoe. Doctors expect him to end up being between around the heights of 6’9” to 7’0”. The problem is that he’s a theater kid. He has dreams of being on Broadway and every time I mention the idea of playing a sport or telling him to play football to at least get a ride to college he becomes absolutely disgusted and tells me how he’s going to college for theater. I already think theater’s extremely gay and I don’t know why he’d do that but especially the fact that he’s a tank and could probably go D1 for football by just blocking the D-Line doesn’t make sense to me why he doesn’t just play football. This kid is deep into the theater though, my parents pay for him to get lessons and take classes with ex-Broadway stars, etc. Kid asked for a theater class as a gift for his birthday, I mean come on. He has a girlfriend too and they both do theater (I can’t stand it because if anyone’s in my shoes and knows how theater kids act it’s hell). No one will pick on him at school and everyone wants to be cool with him  because who’s gonna mess with a 5’10” 170lb 6th grader, but I just don’t know how to make him at least commit to a sport and realize that it’s a good option to work for a college scholarship considering most actors on TV and Broadway are about 5’9”.

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  • edward
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    2 months ago

    My parents were similar.  The football coach in my high school asked me every year if i wanted to be on the team (cornerback).  I never did.  I was in the theatre club at school but i did do sports, not usually contact ones.  Swimming, tennis, track.  Nobody bullied me because i was popular (comes with it’s own set of problems).  Not because i was big and scary.  I had the hottest girlfriend too

  • 2 months ago

    Sounds like you are jealous of your brother.  Don't get yourself worked up this will probably pass when you get out of high school.

    As for your idea that theater is gay, you have no concept.   If more straight men realized how many beautiful and intelligent women were in theater they would be flocking to sign up.   Yes there are gay men in theater but the straight ones have their pick of women.

    You can't force your brother to do anything he isn't interested in doing, so focus on doing what you enjoy and allow him to do the same.

  • Cogito
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    2 months ago

    I really hope you're trolling.

    You think that theater "is gay".  That's a really childish, ignorant, uneducated idea.  It's creative and artistic, but that has nothing to do with homosexuality.Perhaps you're not too bright, but not everyone likes football. Sport just isn't fun or interesting to many people.  Okay - YOU do, but you're not everyone.Why not be a good brother and support your kid brother?  Be happy for him that he has an interest with a possible career in mind?  Being tall makes no difference at all.  Many actors are tall - even some female actors.  Being tall and/or big built doesn't make anyone like sports.  If you're serious, you really need to rethink your beliefs and ideas - they're totally illogical and unreasonable!

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