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How should I punish my cat for this? (please read)?

We were making our 3 mice a climbing thing with platforms, and we were taking them out so nothing fell on them, we put them in a box with some bedding while we made the platforms, and we didn't realize our cat was underneath the bed, I picked up our little black mouse, goose. And she got spooked and got away from me, she ran underneath the bed and the cat started to chase her, we didn't realize anything was wrong with the mouse then, we threw (not literally) the cat out of our room and shut the door, we found the little petrified mouse behind our bookshelf, she was terrified and ran when we touched her. She slipped underneath the door and we got her just in time, we picked her up and that's when we realized my cat got to her, there was a huge flap of skin hanging from her and we could see all that pink stuff, sorry don't know if it was muscle or what but it was bad, I looked at the mouse and realized the cat had gotten to her insides, the poor mouse was still moving around and stuff, she was in so much pain. We have two other mice and she kept trying to go over to them, we finally didn't wanna see her in anymore pain and bonked her with a shovel outside, it was over in one second. We buried her with some food and bedding, next to our other two hamsters that died, I know its in the cats nature but I feel like its my fault still, We didn't stop the mouse from going under the bed in time And now she's dead. How should I punish the cat? The other mice are looking for her.😥😭   


Update: From the security cams in the hallway, we figured out the final results about what happened. The cat had not gotten to the mouse underneath the bed, she had gotten to the mouse when she tried to slip underneath the door. And I'm still very sad but we are now making sure to get the cat out every time, the mice and the rats are safe now. R.I.P goose. The other mice, pepper, and basil, and our rats, Harmony and Harlow, miss her a lot. They had a bond. Even thought they are known to attack.

Update 2:

ok im sorry for using swear words... But the ******* cat died from eating human medication. I'm so ******* mad at myself right now. I didn't want this t happen. I'm literally thinking about suicide right now.

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    You shouldn't punish the cat. You should punish yourself for being stupid enough to let a mouse get loose in a place where a cat could get to it.

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    First that poor mouse you killed it in the most horrible way and don't you dare punsh that's cat they didn't know they did wrong.

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    You shouldn't punish the cat for doing something that is natural and normal for them to do.Also you should punish your cat right away when it does something bad. (Scratch furniture, climb countertops, howl all night etc.) Otherwise the cat will not associate the punishment with the action.

    As for the mice, I would be more careful in the future check the room and shut the door before taking them out.If you find she is trying to get at them while they are in their cages, then you can spray the cat with water, speak firmly and loudly to her to get her to stop.

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    You buried the wrong critter because you should have been buried instead.

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    Kitties have a word for mice: Lunch. How old are you? 10? No, you're just immature. Punish yourself. Put your foot in the door way & slam the door!

    Dear, give those animals away. You can't handle them.

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    I agree that you shouldn't punish the cat. It's only instinct to hunt. Plus cats don't learn the same way as humans so trying to punish them generally just makes them fearful or angry at said punishment (in many cases thsts the person doing the punishing) but won't understand that they aren't supposed to hunt mice.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I know I know, I didn't mean for this to happen. 

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