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Can I legally record my landlord as proof he is continuing to intimidate and stalk me?

After repeated unannounced visits by my landlord over rent struggles during the covid-19 pandemic, I got tired of him banging on my door for 10-15 minutes at a time and trying to look in my windows. I called 911 to report him for stalking and the police came and made him leave telling him what he was doing is harassment and intimidation as well as disturbing the peace. You would think that would be the end of it but nope. The landlord has come back twice since then to get on my nerves although he leaves when I say I'm calling the police. That's not good enough for me. I don't want to see him again at all before I can move out without breaking the lease in three more months. I know proof is necessary to take any serious action, but is it legal to film a person secretly in Pennsylvania?

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By rent struggles I mean I got behind but I'm still doing the best I can to pay even if it takes a little longer

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    You can get a restraining order against someone who is harassing you.  That allows the police to arrest him if he bothers you again.  Don't warn him, just call.  But if you are not paying your rent, why are you worried about breaking your lease?  You do know that you will still owe landlord this money don't you.

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    Some states yes other it is a huge NO!  Just report it to the police and try to always have someone around that can be a witness; and get a security can that you can wear.  Even if you can not use it, it will help you make your point!

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    Just record him.

    Put a sign on your door.

    Premises are video recorded.

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    It all depends on how important you are...

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    You do not even have to sneak to videotape him.

    I sure would tape him, no doubt.

    It is not illegal to video tape someone on your property. Do it!

    I bet you can get a restraining order against him as well...with that video evidence.

    But, there is something you must realize...when you do not pay rent, the landlord cannot pay his mortgage. That really is not fair either. Sure, I do understand you just don't have the money, I get it. But the landlord needs the money you are not paying him and he is desperate to get the money you owe him. Houses/apartments are not cost free to landlords, you know. Have some compassion as your inability to pay for YOUR living expenses are having a negative effect on your landlord's financial situation.

    People think landlords are rich. But they depend on paid renters to pay for the property taxes and insurance and mortgage, you know.

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    You say the landlord leaves when threatened with the police. This means he knows his behavior is questionable at best. Don't "secretly film" him or warn him to leave if and when he returns. Just get out your smart phone and start recording his actions then call the police. And start looking for another rental that is within your new post covid-19 budget because this is not a healthy situation at all. If you find something before your lease ends then arrange to relocate ASAP.

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    He is not stalking if you owe him rent.  He has a right to bang and ask for it, and to hound you all he wants, until you pay.  So, if you expect to go to court using that as cause, think twice.  His reason might be harassing but justified. 

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    You might want to consider getting a place that's within your budget.  Maybe one without a landlord.  

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    You can film him not secretly as well.  

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    Yes! Of course it's legal. We all have cell cams film him all the time, anywhere any place. 

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