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Do I want a measuring tape or measuring laser? ?

I bought a Bosch Professional GLM 500 measuring laser tool not knowing it only measures the distance between the device itself and object the laser is touching.  What I want to do is be able to measure say the length, width and height of a table and not only the distance between the laser unit and an object the laser is touching. 

My laser unit is  Bosh Professional  GLM 500. 

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  • Ash
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    2 months ago
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    Laser meter work on the principal you just mentioned. It's good to measure room dimensions, ceiling height etc...

    If you want to use for table measurement then stick some kind of flat piece at the end of the table or ask someone to hold it and then measure the length and width. As for height hold it downwards and measure the top to the floor.

  • Jim
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    2 months ago

    I use the Stanley 33-726 8m/26ft by 1-1/4-Inch FatMax Metric/Fractional Tape Rule. I find my digital tools stay in the drawer as they have a hard time with certain measurements. I typically only use them for room dimensions since there's a wall for them to 'hit' and measure.

    Amazon ASIN B00009OYGK

    It also has metric which I find much easier for most measurements, especially if dividing into sections, or as a double-check to critical cuts.

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