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What is the Difference Between Soy Sauce and Soya Sauce?

I know they taste different and I know Soy sauce is the one you use on sushi, and soya sauce goes good mixed in rice, but what's the difference? I know a lot of recipes that require soy sauce, so what would happen if I used soya? 


Wow I've never felt this dumb lol. In my defense though, in my experience, the bottles of Soy/Soya sauce I buy to say marinate chicken and such have a much saltier taste than the smaller spouted bottles you usually see at sushi restaurants (on which for some reason it's usually spelled "soy"). So at the end of the day I was aware they were extremely similar but had to determine whichever fundamental difference made them separate in my mind. But kk same thing. Got it.

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    The only difference between the two is the letter 'A'. Thats it, nothing else. If you are finding a difference in taste it is because you are tasting different brands.'Soy' is just the Americanized spelling of 'Soya'.

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    Soya and Soy is the same thing, spelled differently in different parts of the world, like Defense in America and Defence in Britain. 

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    You are really mixed up. There is NO difference between soy and soya.  "Soy" is used In American English. In Europe (including British English) , they use the word "soya".

    Furthermore, there is not just one type of soy/soya sauce. There are in fact over 3 dozen variety of them.

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    🥴 Manufacturer and pronunciation. 

    Otherwise theyre one and the same.

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