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Can prediabetics get ketonuria?

Hi, I want to ask if it is possible for people who have prediabetes to get ketones in their urine - even if only slight  ?

Because I guess insulin resistance in prediabetes could contribute, is that correct ?

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    There's pathological causes for ketones and non-pathological causes. The most common type of pathological cause is one associated with type 1 diabetes where the person has no insulin and as a result ketones are formed in response to the deficiency of insulin. The combination of a high sugar and ketones can herald the ketoacidosis that can be a serious complication associated with type 1 diabetes. Less common is the alcoholic version of ketoacidosis. 

    Type 2 diabetics do not have insulin deficiency. They have insulin resistance which means they have insulin but the body is resistant to the insulin that is there. For the most part it does not cause pathological ketoacidosis because the insulin levels are normal or even elevated. 

    Normal non-pathological ketones present in urine and in blood are often a result of fasting and the normal breakdown of body stores to produce energy in the form of ketones which serve as an energy source instead of glucose. Some people want to diet and lose fat thus want to induce ketone formation (ketogenic diets). Those ketones are not harmful and often desirable when one is trying to lose weight. 

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    @Lab Guy , But since there is resistance to insulin in the body, glucose take up will reduce and a person could then start producing ketones is that correct ?

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    you still don't have diabetes

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