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Am i a pedo?

So if anyone knows any site i could ask someone about this please let me know...

I'm 17and i'm a girl. 

First of all i have no idea what i even like, when i fantasize about things i like to imagine anime characters..and i know some people will already judge me just by that, but i can't really control it... :/ 

I don't like musculaur guys and i don't think i like girls. 

One thing i do like is femboys and young looking anime boys, now the weird thing is i don't usually see myself as an adult when i fantasize about these things.. i feel like i'm the same age as that character, but i wouldn't think that they are my age... i usually think that i'm their age...

My life is currently a big mess and i know people will probably tell me to just get help,ignore it or will say i'm a troll but please.. just give me some doesn't hurt to just say something helpful...i need to know what might be wrong with me.. i feel like my anxiety is trying to convince me i'm either gay or a pedo.. i really need to talk to someone i can't tell that to anyone i know.. i feel like i'm gonna ruin my life just by saying it...

If anyone wants to chat i can chat on reddit...:( 

I know i sound desperate and pathetic but i don't know what else to do..


I don't know if i'm sexually attracted to children.. i don't really know what i feel like, if i knew the answer to that i wouldn't ask :( i don't know if it's my anxiety or if i'm actually becoming a sick person

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    Your main challenge is to get out of the internet world and tv world. Too much internet and too much tv will control your mind. There is a real world out there. Not fantasy like tv or internet. You do not mention anything about your parents. They are the MAIN cause of issues with young adults and children.

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    For a start if u don't mind me saying if you're 17 then you're pretty much still a kid yourself. You say u like femboys, you didn't specify what kind of age but as long as they're of age (16 or above), then there's nothing wrong with that. You're not gay because u say u like boys. I think it's just a bit of a phase you're going through and remember, you say you're 17 and that is still pretty young anyway, arguably you're still a kid yourself. Correction you ARE still a kid. I wouldn't worry about it really. 

    PS; It's spelt paedo by the way!

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    You are actually normal. Normal has a wide range. You may be questioning your sexuality and many people do. At this point, it doesn't mean you are straight, gay, bisexual or anything else. You might consider meeting with a counselor, through school or a hotline that deals with sexual matters, just to talk it all out in a safe place. It might also help with some of that anxiety as well. 

    The pedophilia part is less about an orientation than a power matter. The problem with sexual interests for someone who is in a one-down position from you (adult-child, boss-employee, teacher-student, etc) is that there is a power imbalance and that is unhealthy and can lead to exploitation. Healthy sexual relations are between partners in roughly the same power roles, now whether that interest is for males, females, both, or however feels best to you, just know you are not pathetic in anyway. 

    Just as a side note: I am male and the oldest person in my workgroup and most of those I work with are women. We are a pretty open group in talking about how we grew up and most of the women I work with report experiences not unlike yours. One stated she thought she was gay and later decided she definitely was not and is married to a muscular (male) law enforcement officer, another reported a similar experience and is in a lesbian relationship and married to her wife, and interestingly yet another has stated she is bisexual, but in what might be considered a heterosexual relationship. Just goes to show, you aren't alone. 

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     Pedophilia is a sexual fetish for people under 15sh zxjqb

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    I believe you're at the stage where you are still exploring your sexuality, not knowing for sure which way to go.  Most of us would deny having the exact same thoughts when we were 17 (some are younger, I realise) but in reality we have, so you're no different.

    However, and this is a big one, acting on the thoughts is a different thing altogether, as that could lead you into territory which could cause you tremendous trouble, albeit pleasure at the time, so be very very careful on what you do next.

    Tell yourself that you CAN'T have them (the children) so it's pointless to pursue the thoughts.  Focus on something more attainable like sport, job, and reach for the top in those instead.

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    So you have fetishes. Well, oh well. They are your own private business. Accept them as part of who you are. Likely you will grow out of them. The human brain doesn't fully mature until age 25. Sexuality is part of identity, so your concern is more of a concern about your identity. 

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    2 months ago

    do you feel sexually attracted to children who haven't hit puberty yet?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You just need to see a shrink.

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