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Is the entire fantasy genre too white?

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    It was at first, when all fantasy worlds were created by white male authors, but there's now a rich mix if you look for it.

    Authors to seek out include:

    N.K. Jemison

    R.F. Kuang

    Sabaa Tahir

    Ken Liu

    Isabel Ibanez

    Zen Cho

    Hafsah Faizal

    Tara Sim

    Michelle West

    Noriko Ogiwara

    Davis Ashura

    Aliette de Bodard

    Nnedi Okorafor

    ...and many more

    I'm not a big fantasy reader and have read only three of those authors, but among people who devour fantasy, those names are on every list. It's interesting to note that not only are the authors and the worlds they create not white, but that many are women.

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    Many authors don't make mention of skin color,  it allows the reader a wider range of identification with the characters. 

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