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How do I give myself a total makeover?

I’m 44 and had the same look/style for the last 17 years.  Looking to change myself up a lot.  I’ve recently lost most of my excess weight.  I struggled with the stomach area.  I’ve had 4 pregnancies and 1 ended up cesarean.  I read a lot and different opinions.  I was told I did not need a tummy tuck but Lipo would remove most of the remaining unwanted fat.  I done the procedure and skin excision.  I’m currently recovering and now looking forward to the next steps of a makeover.  I’ve raised all my kids and they are doing wonderful. Now it’s time for me.  Please give me ideas to change.  Hairstyle, definitely need help in the makeup area and clothes style.  What else can I change? Thanks to all.  

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