Do you think these once-popular shows will still be widely watched in 50 years time?

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Lost In Space (the original series)

Fawlty Towers

I'm really into Lost In Space but the original series was cheesy at the time and suffered from a limited budget and a slightly childlike feel among other shortcomings.


User: Good answer. Several of the actors felt  LIS had 'run its course' and they would continue if the show had but they weren't enthusiasts. Had they gone for it regardless, I've no idea whether the episodes would have been good like The Antimatter Man or bad like The Great Vegetable Rebellion.

   It's slightly ironic Irwin Allen quit the show over a budget dispute, given his reluctance to spend money on things like sets, paint and costumes while on the air.

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes, No, and No in order.

    Monty Python has become nerd-chic, and I suspect will have long term staying power.  Lost in Space is, I think, already fading as a cultural icon.  It's more of a trivia answer than something being widely viewed.  Fawlty was a good british sitcom, but I don't think it penetrated the US nearly to the degree of Python.

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    2 months ago much as I and a friend of mine like Lost in Space

    I suspect that they will still be widely watched.

    LiS was intentionally camp (most episodes)

    but nevertheless most of the episodes were very well-written

    and the acting isn't so terrible that I notice it.

    It pains me that Irwin Allen quit the show

    (and, thus, it was cancelled)

    just because the studio wouldn't give him as much of an increase in budget as he wanted. The show was performing well in ratings. It should have continued for several years.

    MPFC and FT also have their fans

    (I'm not a fan of either)

    and so I suspect that they will

    like LiS

    continue to have a sort of "cult following" for the foreseeable future.

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