What can I eat when I have very high Cholesterol?

It's seeming like everything I eat flushes right out of me no matter what I eat. I don't think its the covid cause I don't have all the symptoms. but I think It's the Cholesterol. my Doctor had me on Cholesterol pills but my Doctor took me off of them cause I was having a bad reaction taking them but my Doctor took me off of them a month ago. could it still be the pills flushing out of me?

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    2 months ago
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    Vegetables and fruits do not impact cholesterol.

    Grains and fiber is good.  So cereals, breads, and pastas are good.  (especially whole grain choices.)

    Meats should be limited - especially fatty meats.  Eggs should be limited.

    Adding fish oil pills to your daily routine can help with natural cholesterol control.

    There are MANY choices for cholesterol medications and if your doctor took you off one brand - why did he not try another brand to help you control your levels.

    You may also have other issues besides high cholesterol.  What you are describing shouldn't be a cholesterol issue.  IBS can be related to other issues too.  

    You should discuss your continuing issues with your doctor.

    You can google search "what to avoid with high cholesterol" and find all kinds of articles on what not to eat and suggestions on good things to eat.

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    2 months ago

    you should be eating what is recommended by your dietitician

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