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are $100 fiverr websites worth it?

I've heard that a decent website takes some work and time.. so how can people at fiverr or other freelance sites offer websites for so cheap? Are they scammers? do they give a wordpress free template barely customized or what?

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    Once a developer has a web template that has a few customizing options, a new site can be done quickly. I've put up websites in less than 30 minutes that the customer liked a lot. Any special customizations that require many discussions are impossible at that rate.

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    Just to put this in context, Glassdoor reports that the average salary for a software engineer in the USA is about $92K.  A fully-employed engineer will be getting health, retirement, insurance, employer contributions to Social Security+Medicare, and other benefits that a contractor has to pay for (or do without) out of invoice income, so the actual cost of an experienced programmer is well over $100K.  A typical work year is about 2,000 hours, so a regular programmer costs over $50 per hour

    So, the $100 fee you mention has a regular programmer value of about 2 hours of focused time.   What do you expect to get accomplished in that time?

    But wait! There's less!!  Fiverr takes 20% off the top, so the developer only sees $80.  You're down to an hour and 36 minutes.

    Sure, as an earlier answer observed, some programmers will work there because they can't find a regular gig, or perhaps can work from a location with a lower cost-of-living than the US average.  Even so, a developer who is staying afloat on $100 tasks is going to be using a lot of cut-and-paste from earlier projects.  Expect templates, inexpensive stock images, etc. 

    If you expect to have some real business value in the site you have in mind, you might want to expand your budget to include some proven expertise.  Your hosting costs for a website with any traffic are going to be substantially more than that $100 every year.

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    2 months ago

    desperate people who need the money.

    just like people who go to Fiverr instead of hiring a pro web developer.

    just be sure to check samples of their work to see what they can do, and discuss the details with them before you hire them.

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    just hire a WIX person to do it.

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