Oboe bell rings?

What function does the bell ring on an oboe serve?

I have seen performances in which it appears that some oboe players have removed their instrument's bell ring. Why would they do that?

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  • 2 months ago

    Student oboes are more likely to have a ring to prevent them from damage. This is not exclusive - but look at a manufacturer in their line of models, from students to pro. And many manufacturers only make pro, or only student models.


    So I just went on Google Images - and there seem to be REALLY cheap student ones with no ring - some student ones in either direction - and same deal with pro oboes.  I am a professional flutist, and can tell you where each of the HUNDREDS of parts as possibilities of configurations are on any flute on the planet - but oboe to me is *terra incognita* - 4 weeks of instruction in a general woodwind exploration class in in1970.  I will stick with my advice that if you are a student and have the usual amount of bumps and bangs that most students do, get a GOOD oboe with a bell ring.  What makes a GOOD oboe? You gotta ask a fine professional oboist - which is seldom you band director.  I taught Theory for decades - and have multiple undergrad and grad degrees in Theory.  Most folks teaching it in school took 2 years - I took four then, and the equivalent of 2-3 more years at the grad level, spread out over some summers, too. Someone saying "I finished the  class and got an A" does not tell the whole story - if one person's class covers 2 years, and another person's classes cover FIVE OR SIX more.  I do not know of any oboe experts that post here - so try Yahoo Groups - more likely that you find a good oboe forum, and get a decent answer.

    And then - there are the various bell SHAPES . . .

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