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How to get rid of fleas on a cat, and in the house?

We've tried I have to say everything to get rid of the fleas in our house and on our 2 cats, not even the winter is slowing down the fleas in our house. We've gotten Flea Treatments prescribed to us by the vet and not even those worked to treat the fleas, both of the cats still have visible fleas on them and are digging at their skin and making it bare and raw. One of our cats for the most part has been getting rid of them, but I think that's cause he likes to sit in one of the rooms we don't use which is usually cold, could it be the cold that's getting rid of the fleas? What's some way that I know will for sure get rid of the fleas on our cats and in our house permanently?

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    Monthly flea treatments work.  Do not stop using them just because you think you haven't seen enough results.  It can take an average of THREE TO FOUR MONTHS to actually become completely flea free even doing the best treatments.

    Often, people stop the right approach too soon because they expect to be instantly flea free and there is NOTHING that is going to do that.

    So - keep using the monthly flea treatment that was recommended by the vet for both cats.

    Now - for your carpets and furniture - you have a few options.  One natural option is salt.  Yes - salt.  Use table salt on your carpets.  Sprinkle it all over the carpets exactly like you might a powdered carpet freshener.  Leave it in the carpets for at least 24 hours and then vacuum.  Be sure to empty the vacuum into the trash and immediately remove the trash from the house.

    A chemical option for fleas would be RAID flea killer.

    Use it on all carpets and even on furniture.  DO NOT use it on the cat's beds or areas that the cats like to spend a lot of time on.  Get a pet safe flea spray for those areas.  (make sure it is intended for cats - and not dogs.)

    Keep treating the cats and the carpets once every month.  DO NOT GIVE UP.  

    You can also use a fine tooth comb - like a lice comb - to help remove fleas from the cats.  If you give the cats a bath with a flea killing shampoo and then comb afterwards, it will remove more of the fleas.  Be sure to throw away the dead fleas and remove the trash from the house right away - often the fleas are only stunned and not actually dead.  When bathing a cat - don't get the cat too wet before applying the shampoo.  The fleas run for the head when an animal gets wet, so many fleas will survive on the cat's face and head while you try to shampoo the body.  Get your hand wet and put some shampoo in your hand and lather up the cat's neck before you shampoo the rest of the cat.  This blocks the flea's path to the head.

    So - monthly flea bath with monthly flea treatment after cat is dry from bath and monthly treatment of the carpets while the cats are being bathed.  It takes TIME but this DOES work.  My house is flea free and I only have to keep up with monthly treatments.  I have not had to do baths or chemical sprays for several years.

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    if your cats are infested with fleas then so is your house, as well as using something like frontline on the cats you can buy big cans of spray from the vets (or Amazon) that kills the fleas in the house too, the only drawback is that after using it both you and the cats have to stay out of the house for an hour - but it works

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    you could always try a flea bomb

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    I think your house is warn Open the window or the door of the house and take the cat and go somewhere for 3 days Three days later, when you get home, you'll be without fleas and appliances.

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