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I can't believe my account was deleted when people at level 7 post obscene answers?

I made a joke about having random sex and my other account got deleted. I don't put too many dirty jokes, did I meet a threshold of some kind?There is this guy who puts an obscene answer on every other of my questions and he is still here at level 7, however I block him and he still shows up so he has dummy accounts. What gives?

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    There's no way to know specifically what causes one YA account to be suspended but not another. Part of it is almost certainly how often a user's posts are reported/removed. We also assume that an account may get suspended more quickly for TOS violations than CG violations, but again we don't know for sure what triggers. You may appeal account suspension by clicking the Help link at the bottom of every YA page, selecting "Contact Us" then "Contact a Yahoo Specialist", "Appeals", and "Appeal a Yahoo Answers account suspension". 


    Any user may have 2 or more accounts if they choose, and some have had dozens over the years. It is not a violation to have multiple Yahoo accounts, and every Yahoo account comes with access to Yahoo Answers. 

  • LAN
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    2 months ago

    Maybe it would help if you got enough brains to actually ask a legitimate question instead of constantly posting shiny little rants about how picked.on you think you are.

  • Joking about having sex on here would be a sensitive subject to a lot of level 7 users.

    You have to understand that a lot of them have probably never had sex in their lives and they are trying to figure out how you managed to. So naturally, their anger and frustration confuses them into thinking you've posted a violation.

  • Daniel
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    2 months ago

    Dirty Jokes like that are not Allowed on here you posted Inappropriate things and that got your Account Deleted 

    Got to keep in mind the Wide Range of Age Groups that use this Site 

    There are people as young as 13 that use this site and there are Adults that use this Site as old as 18 and up Even 40 or 50 year olds use it 

    Yahoo has to keep it Appropriate for Everyone 

    I would Avoid posting those to Avoid having another Account getting Deleted 

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    You either got too many violations or a really bad one. How many is too many has never been known and probably has changed over the years. Since you seem to know they are violations, it is just time to stop or go to a site like Reddit. As to the other guy, users may not be reporting them or they use multiple accounts.

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    That other account is probably a fake account or one of the workers or someone who works on AI because I’ve seen a lot of the same questions over and over again the same style of questions posting a weird story that is above PG-13. That’s really dumb of them to be fishing like that and tricking people but that happened to me many years ago on Neopets when someone posted a topic on which is better or what’s the difference between Christian and Pagan and my account of 5+ years was frozen after I answered it! And I lost ALL my Neopoints and my Neopets were iced.

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