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How does SAB's system of training work?


Whoops! I just realised I put this in the entirely wrong section, I mean't School of American Ballet

Update 2:

Wow! Thank you mintchips49 for the thorough answer :)

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    You audition and get placed in an appropriate level class based on training. You would be screened first for being born in the 2% of the population with the right body (bone and muscle structure,) facility and musicality for a ballet career. Auditions are right after Labor Day. Some are invited to train full time after their summer intensive program. If you don’t get into the SI you won’t get into the full time program. Getting into the SI does not guarantee you will get into the full time training as requirements are stricter. You may or may not be asked back each year depending on your potential. Otherwise it works like every other world class ballet school with daily technique classes in ballet. Then adding character, variations and pas de deux classes when appropriate. 

    If you are talking levels.. this is how it goes:

    For the summer they have 6 levels and placement is totally by ability/training Obviously the older dancers of 15 and 16 tend to be in levels 5 & 6 and the younger ones at the lower levels. I have heard of dancers age 15 being put in level 4 so as I said it is all about your level of training.

    For the full year. again it is not about age but ability. This matters most starting 

    in the B levels as that is when it starts to get more serious. B levels for girls are mostly 13, 14 & 15 and the C levels are 14, 15 & 16. With exceptions of course, the younger ones tend to be in the B1 and C1 of each level and the older range in the B2 and C2 of each level.. Although there is a D level which generally has the oldest dancers, most dancers who enter NYCB from SAB are taken from C2 level. Dancers in C2 are around 16 but there are some 15 and some 17. Dancers have apprenticed with NYCB as young as 15 and as late as 17. Most who are chosen are around 16.

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