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Why do cats like the smell of bleach?

a couple of nights ago I noticed that my cat was acting daft in my hall, she was lying on her back with her little legs sticking up in the air pushing herself from side to side with a glazed look in her eyes – just like she does when she in playing with her catnip toys (which were all in the living room), later on she was still hanging around the toilet room door – that’s when I remembered that I had put some bleach down the toilet pan, my sister said her cats act like that whenever she mops the toilet floor with bleach, and she has a hard time trying to stop any of her cats getting into the toilet as bleach is highly toxic to cats, but does the smell of bleach usually affect cats like catnip does

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    I have the same issue. Upon talking to my vet it seems that the odor of bleach can give the cats a high feeling like when they play with catnip. Its still not good for them to smell it though.

    I would suggest cleaning with something other then bleach or keep the bathroom door shut and the fan on or a window cracked until the smell dissipates.

    Hope this helped.

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    Actually, I think more cats are repelled by strong chemical smells like bleach. But like yours, I've got one cat who's attracted to the odor. I've no idea why-- my other cats run like hell.

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