when watching the old black&white tv series robin hood on my desktop computer, why are the characters fuzzy at times when they move around?

i have a windows 7 desktop computer, i have a blu ray drive and a dvd drive, at the moment im using the blu ray drive to watch dvds as the dvd drive is not working and will not open.....i am watching the old tv series ' the adventures of robin hood' from the 1950s, so long ago......i have no complaints when watching it, only that when the characters in the series move around on the screen, they get a fuzzy outline to them?

the viewing picture is clear and good, but when the characters in the series move around in the action scenes, the outline of them is fuzzy a strange fuzziness, its hard to explain really..

what could it be and whats the reason for it?

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    2 months ago
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    Probably something to do with the number of lines on the old TV series. Originally the picture was created using a scanning beam of electrons rapidly moving across the cathode ray tube surface. In the early days this was quite low and later increased.

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