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How to permanently get rid of Acanthosis Nigricans?

So I’ve had AN for roughly ten years now as a result of pre diabetes, and it’s quite embarrassing. My insurance was cut off several years ago thus severing my supply of Metformin that I take in order to get my blood sugar under control along with attempting to lose weight. Being that I am a black teenage girl with light brown skin, the contrast between my neck and my face is quite embarrassing, and I want to get rid of it. Besides exercise and eating better (because I know that’s what is ultimately going to make it go away) is there anything else I could do to possibly replace the job of the Metformin? Also could you guys recommend diet plans/cardio exercises to me please? 

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    A Hunch, is spot on with low cost or sliding scale clinics in your area, along with the cost of Metformin at Walmart pharmacy.

    As for the Acanthosis Nigricans, being overweight, pre-diabetes and some meds like birth control pills can aggravate or cause the skin condition. The more issue you have, the harder it will be to reverse the condition. So getting control of your A1c, diet and weight are going to be your BEST options for the skin condition. 

    Also if your hormones are out of whack, that is another issue that needs to be addressed. 

    Skin moisturizing and maybe a skin lighting cream can help, but do this without a doctor's input as you do not want to make it worse (darker, thicker) or cause an unintended reaction? 

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    You don't need insurance to purchase Malformin.  it's $4 at Walmart.

    You don't need insurance to see a doctor.  Look for low cost clinics in your area.

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