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How to make myself work? ?

I used to work for others for 13 years. You know what it is like I don't need to explain much: waking up on time, do the job go home and have couple of hours til sleep time. I usually worked 6 days/week and sometimes without days off for a month or even months. Now after those 13 years I'm able to make good money with my hobby. It's so odd to me I should be happy and excited but actually it is very hard for me to sit down and start "working". I have orders and I just can't make myself to do them. Is it because literally all my life I needed to do what others wanted me to do-it was almost never something I wanted at least a little bit. I think I lost all the interest in everything at around age 15 and that could be the problem why I'm not interested in things I used to enjoy. And now it's just weird to me that I have all this freedom and I do enjoy my work too once I start it but til then its so hard. 0 motivation here. For anything.

Of you have any ideas on how to motivate myself please share it. Itwould be so helpful because than I could work and do more in shorter period of time. Now sometimes I only work 4-6 h a day, but sometimes even 10 hours. It's just a struggle to start.

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    If you struggle with motivation than perhaps your dreams are too small.

    Dream bigger, go above and beyond possible. 

    Then take a loan and very quickly it'll be kicking you to go back to work, so you can at least keep up with your payments, lol

    I'm joking. But there's truth in every joke)

  • 2 months ago

    Go to the local homeless encampment for two hours and hand out food.

    While you are doing that...ask yourself...."If I refuse to make myself make money  will there be a nice person who gives me food to eat when I am living on the street?"

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