how to get your clothes(designs) manufactured ?

Hi, I have a samples that I want manufactured into real clothes (gym/daywear), in Canada Ontario. How can I make this happen? 

(I tried to make this as short as possible) Additional info: I have come up with designs, and actual sample pieces of clothes I want made with the fabric I want. How can I find a manufacturer ?

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    Check out Toronto Fashion Incubator. It's a non profit organization that helps nurture the Canadian fashion business.  It lists manufacturing facilities, marketing companies and they used to run hands on workshops on all the things a designer needs. Now they are running online seminars and workshops.  If you are a serious start up then that's your next step. The website is easy to find through Google sorry, can't direct link. 

    Another method is to start buying industrial machinery and start making your own. Start small and build the business. Many small designers begin by making one thing, selling that one thing and using the money to make more things. And so on and so on. Start with you as the main worker and hire more as needed. There are garment workers and sewing machine operators looking for work. Pay fairly and give your workers pleasant working conditions. 

    Unfortunately it's very difficult to start a clothing business outside the big cities. That's why so many move to Toronto Ottawa and Hamilton. In TO there's the fashion district, the queen west fabric and notions district, the queen west social scene, small manufacturers, and a social support network. Hamilton has a fabric and fashion district and we all hope the virus doesn't kill this small but hard-hit community. 

    Lastly, use what you have at your fingertips: the internet. Search for general information and expand your search outward. Check reviews of any and all businesses thoroughly. 

    That's the basics. It's a very broad subject that's nearly impossible to fit into a yahoo answer. Many people start and many fail. A few start and make a reasonable Living. Not trying to discouraging but just trying to be realistic.

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    It costs money.  If you want your clothing designs to go to market you must hire a firm (or a set of firms) to run them up for you.  Typically people go to sweat shops in South Asia or China for this.  You won't be able to do that - you'd hire an experienced agent who knows of several sweat shops and will play them against each other to get you a reasonable price.

    Since you don't HAVE the money to do this, you'll have to find a financier who will back you.  Many designers obtain their financing from people who will authorize a loan on the condition that you give them a portion of the rights to your design, leaving them in charge of how much will be produced and where and how it will be sold.  Unfortunately, such people don't advertise.  You can only learn who they are by word-of-mouth within the fashion world.

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