How hard is it to sell vintage stereo equipment?

I have a Dynaco pre-amp and amp, and a high-end Kenword tuner. These are listed on eBay for hundreds of dollars. But listing and selling are two different things. Does that old equipment really sell for anywhere near the listing prices? Anyone have any experience or advice about selling items like this?

Until recently, these were the main parts of my stereo set-up, playing through AR-3a's.  I replaced them with a decent receiver simply because the 3 units were taking up too much space, and the receiver became available. They all work fine, despite their age. (No work has been done to them, or as far as I can tell, is needed).

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  • 2 months ago

    It sells, but a slow turnover. Seen some such tronics on ebay listed over a year.

    See the high end stuff go for near double original cost.

    Specialty items like old guitar amps, video games sell rather quick and for lots of money. I refurbish things like Fender twins Pac-Man games, 40 year old or more radios, surplus electronics and often sold before completed.

    My printer is 45 years old, long way from retiring. Here, except the new computer on the left, everything here I refurbished and been using over 20 years:

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    2 months ago

    depends on what you have.  My Dyanco 'stereo 70' tube amp is now worth much more then I paid for it back in 1969 ............

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