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Wrestling is now considered the most important base martial art in MMA, but why?

Most top level MMA athletes are former wrestlers, just look at the stats. When the UFC first came around it was Jiu-jitsu. Now, it is wrestling. But, why? 

I believe it comes down to training. You train to fight. The high school or college wrestler trains for matches that are 2 or 3 minutes of explosive action (usually 3 rounds). They try not to give an inch to their opponents. They try to dominate, always looking for the top position and pin.

In jiu-jitsu training they stall while training. This is encouraged, to lay on your back and wait for the other person to get tired. You can go a lot longer in training doing this, they can "roll" for a very long time. The theory is to try and use the least amount of energy, which means they sit in bad positions and wait for their opponent to tire and make a mistake.

Stalling in wrestling leads to disqualification. In jiu-jitsu it is encouraged. Now throw in that wrestling originally had submissions but they were taken out to make it safer for high school and college sports. 

So, a wrestler training against a jiu-jitsu guy might gas out first (happens a lot when a wrestler does bjj at first) but he probably got dominant position on him and tapped him a few times before gassing. The fight would have been over. 

Once a wrestler knows submissions his original way of training is better for actually fighting. The jiu-jitsu guy has made the bad habit of waiting while the wrestler takes top position to submit or ground and pound.  

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    Greco-Roman Wrestling and Free-Style Wrestling are Olympic Sports and popular in most countries around the world. Wrestling Strikes me as a Good Foundation in building your skills in other Combat Sports, that's my opinion.

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    When life gives you lemons, make a delightful zesty sorbet. Much better idea.

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