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In 1980 classic movie Blues Brothers, why Elwood Blues always wanted to eat dry white toast?


@TB12 no he wanted the toast no matter what.  Like in the fancy restaurant where John Belushi ordered the Dom and shrimp coctails he also ordered white bread for Elwood, and even in the apartment he risked fire and whatever trying to make toast on that super sketchy hot plate.

PS good luck against the Rams tonight!  Thank you for answering the question even though it is game day for you!

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    I'm guessing the dry white toast was a signal of sort that Matt (the cook) would immediately recognize as to who was waiting outside.

    Kind of like if you had an old friend with a particular strange quirk or perhaps a shared, but odd, experience and one day while you're at work a fellow co-worker comes in and says "There's this guy out here that wants whatever" and you immediately know who they're talking about.


    Yes, you are correct, I forgot about that, been a while since I've seen the movie, the restaurant scene is one that sticks in your mind. I guess dry white toast is just a quirk of Elwood's.

    Oh, and my user name has nothing to do with Brady, or football at all for that matter,, and why do people always assume Brady, he wasn't the only famous quarterback with initials TB and the number 12,,, anyone remember a guy named Terry Bradshaw.

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