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Brasil/Argentina are not any more soccer powerhouses of world football ?

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    No and neither have been for a while. Both teams used to produce really strong sides consistently up until the mid 2000's. Up until 2002, the longest a South American side went without winning a world cup was 2 tournaments (34 and 38), from then till 2002, they basically won every other tournament (50, 58, 62, 70, 78, 86, 94, 02). Since then, they've went 4 world cups without winning 1.

    I wonder if this has to do with the decline in the domestic game in Brazil and South America. Contrary to popular myth, Europe has not always been the strongest for domestic football. For a long time, South America was actually stronger. It says a lot that of the 43 intercontinental cups (which ended in 2003), South America won 22 of them. Since the replacement came in (the world club cup) they've won it 4 times and never since 2012, the other 3 were the first 3 (2000, 05 and 06).

    It's an interesting one and I may read up on it.

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