Who are the bottom feeders on tweeter that are always wanting an apology from a conservative celebrity when they state a truth?

1 Answer

  • Gary
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    They're ALL called LIEberal left socialist DEMONICrats!!! They want EVERYBODY to apologize to EVERYONE for EVERYTHING that MAY have happened to them in they're entire lives THEY accept ZERO personal responsibility for ANYTHING because it's ALL everybody else's fault for everything that has gone wrong in THEY'RE lives!! I's OUR fault they were born to minority parents, it's OUR fault the demoCROOKS supported slavery in the south, it's OUR fault Trump reduced unemployment AND increased income ESPECIALLY for minorities, it's OUR fault ILLEGAL ALIENS came here trying to FLOOD our country ILLEGALLY REFUSING to follow our laws dragging they're children THOUSANDS of miles through hostile terrain, it's OUR fault student's try to fund they're entire college lives on student loans and REFUSE to WORK to help pay for THEY'RE education that THEY benefit from and it's OUR fault "ASSAULT WEAPONS" murder people THOUSANDS at a time ALL by themselves WITHOUT a person controlling them!!!

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