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What good will pepper spray do for people if it’s not even allowed in Disney parks?

They should know better not to bring in pepper spray to begin with. Are people that stupid to break the rules of Disney

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    There are people who do very stupid things in Disneyland and Disney World.  I recently read about a woman who hid her gun in a flower pot when she realized she had to go through a metal detector.  Only a moron would think it would be there when she left or think she wasn't under CCTV surveillance outside the metal detector.  Then we have the idiot that decided to camp out on Discovery Island.    

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    People break rules all the time; some just to do it, some because they think they don't have to follow the rules, etc.  Some people actually aren't aware of all the rules, or just don't think about it before traveling.  I know a few people who always have pepper spray in their bags, and they might not think about it being there or even think to look up whether it's allowed.  My husband used to always carry a pocket knife - it was just habit, and he had trouble remembering to NOT carry it when it wouldn't be allowed. 

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