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What are your thoughts on child abuse / neglect in Canada or in general? ?

Hi everyone! 

I am trying to get some opinions from people for a study I am doing for my course! 

I am discussing how Canada is either addressing or failing to address child neglect in Canada?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel child neglect is often un notices and people are not aware? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    🥴 I think the world should need permission before having kids. 

    Otherwise, I still stand by abortion and global sterilization (making every man on earth get a vasectomy and women should have tubes tied).

    🥴 Can you tell I hate kids with a passion? Doesnt mean I dont care for them. The best thing to do is stop them from being born to avoid financial hardship, abuse, neglect and death. No pain. No suffering. 

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