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Shias don't let me follow G-d's laws in Iran. Any help from NGOs/UN if they respond?


I am from mixed Persian Indian-Jewish family who were secretly Jewish

Update 2:

I believe in Torah and Support the Quran, But don't believe in Shiaism at all.. Don't agree even they were good people..

Update 3:

their children are now bad, too...

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    I dont know what G-d means... maybe you meant God... dont be afraid to spell it.. GOD.. there.. you didnt go poof by reading it.. nor did I go poof by typing it out.. anyways.. muslims use his given name Allah... ... and real muslims arent suppose to suppress anyones faith,,.. in the Quran, Allah says " there is no compulsion in religion"..... whether you are right or wrong is between you and God.. but we muslims cannot force you.. 

  • 2 months ago

    Follow ur line secretly if u think so , I do not think , there is any restriction in Iran to follow any type of Islam or any other religion . U want to just run away to some European country on fake accusations which may not be possible as per my opinion

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