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CE - has anything changed about working from home ( UK) -office working?

Has Boris said anything or is it still work from home if you can?


Thanks for all answers and Thing Three that was particularly well appreciated.  

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    The Prime Minister has not announced any changes that take effect before December 3rd.

    From December 3rd England will be split into tiers and the tier you live in will determine what the restrictions are.

    The government advice today is if you are able to work from home you should do so with your employers agreement, if you are not able to work from home and you are not clinically vulnerable you should return to your place of work if it is open and is Covid-secure and finally if you are not able to work from home and you are in a clinically high-risk group, you should not work you will have received a letter already from PHE which will double up as a sick note for your employer.


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    The latest advice is: "The Government encourages employers to enable a

    greater degree of home working, and will strengthen guidance to be very clear

    that anyone who can work from home should do so."  But as before it is up to employers to determine if they can offer a Covid Secure workplace. If you are vulnerable you should agree WFH with your employer, but don't rely on your GP supporting you.

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    They are going back to the Tier system and even in the Highest Tier it was up to the employer to decide whether you would return to an office. It was all a bit woolly, so hopefully they will make things a bit clearer. If you are in a high risk group the advice would still be work from home if you can - the risk is in the commuting.  We took the view that the office would close until the new year as December is historically a slow month anyway and that those on furlough would continue until things pick up again.

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