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Would it be weird for an outsider to visit Compton/South LA?

I know it is still bad today although it may have watered down a little bitI myself am from around the Bay Area and I always found that area interesing altho I know it is sketchy. I know it has had serious violent and crime issues and I know it is still bad today although it may have watered down a little bit. 

If in the next year I visit are there any cool places to go? Is there anywhere in the bay area that resembles south Los Angeles? 

Aside from being an outsider, I am in Asian/white male in my late 20s. Compton is 0.3% Asian which is low af! There are even more Samoans there but I find the low population of us being interesting. I would imagine I may get a look or two walking down the streets of Compton. I may rent a car if I plan on visiting. 


A Hunch: Compton may not be bad the second you are there but it still has a very high crime rate. A prank guy made a video there and was told by cops and firemen that he was in a dangerous area and warned him. This was this year. 

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    Compton's pretty much only bad at night (though I guess some place are worse than others) or if you are part of a gang.  There are definitely much worse places you can visit today.  If you are going to be there, check out the Rancho Dominguez Adobe house - one of many historical landmarks in odd places in the Los Angeles area.

    There are definitely parts of south LA that if you turn down the wrong street, you WILL regret it, though.  You will stand out like a sore thumb and someone will probably try to mug you or worse.  A few years back I did a construction job at a Mexican market in South LA.  My boss's catalytic converter was smashed and TWO of my coworkers had their windows smashed and things stolen from inside.  We wound up parking our work cars in a cage (a frickin' cage!) to ensure it wasn't robbed.

    While I was walking to the job site, I had a guy on a bike circle me a few times saying "You in the wrong part of town, boy."  A homeless guy said that he wanted to kick my behind (not in those words though), but I am 6'3 and 260 pounds with martial arts training and experience volunteering with LAPD so I know how to be intimidating and got him to back off.

    I really would not recommend visiting these areas you have no business being in. Skid Row is another place I would steer clear of.

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    compton is not bad like you think. compton is laid back compared to what it use to be because alot of people moved to inland empire where there's cheaper rent and homes and when they moved they took the ghetto with them. 

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    Compton is predominately a business district.  It's considered the 2nd best place in California behind Santa Fe Springs to do business.  Kroiger (Ralphs / Food4Less), Santa Monica Seafood, CedarLane are a couple of the businesses that have big offices in Compton.  Pre pandemic about 50,000 people worked in Compton; most of them do not call Compton home.

    The average home price in Compton is just shy of $500,000.  Inexpensive for most of the Southland.  Obviously, not inexpensive to most of the USA.

    Compton is not in South Central LA.

    No one is going to give you a look walking down the streets of Compton.  Except it's just a city so there isn't a lot to walk to.

    Drive a car through it.  Big deal.  No one is going to bother you or even notice you.

    If you were from Kansas City, I would suggest that you don't buy into so many stereotypes.

    As an Asian guy from SF... REALLY?  you think that Compton is an island?  WTF?

    You think all the Asian's that call Carson home, do a U-turn when they get to the Compton border?  Oh no, I drove too far... HELP ME HELP ME... I need to make a U-Turn.  Why oh why did I even consider driving to the nice Target & Best Buy?- stupid.

    In response to the comments:

    Oh, it's on YOUTUBE it must be true.

    Almost all the crime in Compton is between KNOWN people.  It's not random crime on strangers.

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    B weird 4 me.  I'm more used 2 bears and wolves trying to kill me instead of puffed up wanna bee's who have no clue how to use a gun.

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    Downtown Oakland is about as close as it gets... and I'll go there, but not South/Central LA.

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    🥴 Baby... everyone here keeps to themselves and stays heavily guarded. 

    Thats it. The danger zone reputation in this area? Is overrated.

    Its also very family oriented. So... just do you and go on about your business. Nobody bothers you here. Except the occasional fast and furious wannabe drivers. 😒

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