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Is Kevin Durant a bigger version of Stephen Curry offensively?

people say that he was Curry before Curry. Both can pull up from 30 feet. Curry arcs his shot high where KD is already tall enough where you cannot block it

thing is Curry's career high PPG was 30.1 PPG in that historic 73-9 season. KD averaged 32 PPG in his MVP season.

KD can also drop 40 points on 14 shots and I remember games he did that he is efficient.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not at all. First off, Steph is a ball handler with a bit of passing vision. KD can handle the ball well for his size. But he's not a good ball handler or playmaker compared to a PG. KD is notorious for not passing the ball no matter what. Mentally, they are polar opposites. You can ice out Steph and he will just stop shooting and defer to teammates. If you iced out KD, he does not care if he shoots 5% from the field, he will keep shooting it. This was not a secret during their time together and almost every team exploited this dynamic in the playoffs. This was the number 1 reason why the Warriors won more games without KD than with him because everyone knew if you could ice out Steph early in the game, he will defer to KD the rest of the game, and if you swarmed KD at that point, it's just free rebounds on every possession because KD will call for the ball after every miss, especially when he's cold. 

    KD is great a shooting with contact while Steph is great at shooting in traffic. It's a little different in that Steph is really good at creating space to shoot, while KD doesn't need to create space, he just shoots over people. Steph also has much better shot selection than KD despite the fact that he takes 30 foot jumpers. KD shoots contested jumpers whenever he feels like it. Steph at least tries to get open first and will pass the rock if he's cold or crowded. Steph also has a higher arc and quicker release than KD. KD is very methodical with the way he shoots. He has to stick to the same form every time while Steph doesn't. KD is also way more athletic than Steph, although both are good finishers in different ways. Steph is a bit more crafty while KD is just straight up taller and faster than everyone at his position. KD is obviously the better finisher though and his driving ability opens up his shot. It's the opposite for Steph. And obviously KD takes a lot more midrange shots than Steph. From an efficiency standpoint, Steph is way more efficient. KD is basically a midrange volume shooter, while Steph is a floor spacer that opens up the floor for his teammates. However, KD is much better at getting you a bucket when you need it, something that cannot be underestimated. 

  • 2 months ago

    Kevin Durant and Curry play pretty differently in my opinion. Durants style of play is mainly in the mid range. He can pull up there and will sink it almost everytime. Currys style is shooting, but also driving alot. Hes a nifty finisher and draws alot of fouls, along with tough finishes.

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