Which network do you think is more stupid now?

Because of this, I'm more willing to associate "Seinfeld" with Disney, in fact even with ABC, because it's Disney shows and movies that are always giving homages to "Seinfeld" anyways and they're the ones who've made "Seinfeld" worldwide popular even more in its post-run.

And they're anti-"Friends" LMAO

Anyways, NBC. And as petty as it sounds, this reveals a big problem with stupidity. XD

Len Berman played a segment on his news show called "Spanning the World." The person who chose to say those words was a jackass who is Nuyorican, named Dan Pardo (and btw, that name is Spanish not Italian, Latin Spanish though not Spaniard Spanish) who thinks -ez-surnamed people are Hispanic with Latin English accents. Now you may say oh it's just the New York affiliate of NBC, but it's the one that NBC is most associated with, cause everything New York when they think NBC. I mean NBC's studios are in NY. This jackass Pardo think he's white talks with a Frank Lopez English accent

First "Rocky" thinks Nuyoricans are whites (non-Anglo ones, oh they're non-Anglo people but they're not white) who say "scumbag" and have Frank Lopez English accent, now this network...

Sorry done with NBC.Stupid network.

And besides it's Disney shows like "Even Stevens" and "Hanna Montana" that I see homaging "Seinfeld" not ******* any NBC shows today. Stupidity.

Newsflash NUYORICANS and ITALIANS ARE NOT WHITE, they're Latin with Latin English 


Let me guess, NBC, -ez-surnamed Spaniard people - Hispanic with Latin ENglish accents too?

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