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Is it a strange passion of mine?

I had this strange dream before I woke up to ask this question, so I’m sorry that it’s weird and also want to talk about my dream. Just to let everyone know. This is its first of its kind dream for me.

There was a part when I was longing for someone-specially a man. However, this man was heavy and puffy. I told him to eat something that is healthy since he was getting too large and didn’t care about our relrelationship, so I decided we were through and broke up. I tried helping him, but in my dream, I just “fell asleep”. It wasn’t good. I also ate a lot in my dream lots and lots of food, but it was only to satisfy myself to become ‘bigger’ since I’m thin. In my dream, the whole purpose was to ‘feel’ with my hands and touch something. I felt pleasure just enjoying the touch and brought ‘comfort’ as I lay there, thinking more. It had more scenes, but I don’t remember much. I woke up after I broke up with the man. I was being ‘submissive’ and listened to the woman in my dream who told me to break up with him. I became happier... 

but the entire dream made me realize why I want someone squishy or make myself squishy sometimes is because the longing for “touch”. I want to touch someone’s chest / stomach area. I actually prefer a healthier and fit person even for myself to be healthy and fit. So, if I ever am in a relationship, I know I’d also cherish the part where I can touch his chest and lay there, feeling peaceful as he and I lay there somewhere enjoying life feeling safe.


Also, I would feel the touch and comfort of hugging my love of my life & we’d hug each other tight. I’d love to feel that warmth and kind of love, like I wonder what it would feel like to be held in someone’s arms.

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    What is so strange about wanting to be hugged.  It is a human desire, and quite reasonable. Find the right person for you, and give that person lots of hugs and that person will hug you back.  

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