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What do you think about the Rockets offseason?

I'm asking because I'm trying to assess how good the Rocket's rookie GM has been. Obviously, Morey was a very good GM who made a mess of things right before leaving town. The new GM was put in a really bad spot. 

So basically, before Morey left, he traded Clint Capela for Robert Covington. That experiment predictably failed. Since Morey left, the new GM traded Covington for Ariza and picks. Then traded Ariza and picks for basically nothing. Then signed Christian Wood with the extra cap space. 

I honestly think these are good moves, and turns a net negative into a net positive. I wasn't sure what the heck they were thinking when they traded for Ariza. But it makes sense now. Still, I think a better move would have been if they traded Tucker or Eric Gordon for cap space and kept Covington, since Covington is not too old and on a nice deal. But between Clint Capela and Christian Wood, I actually think Wood is better, not to mention he's younger and on a cheaper contract. I think this signing was great. I just don't like how the Rockets got here. 

If the Rockets are able to flip Westbrook and Gordon, I think they might have enough to convince Harden to stay. Or at the very least, flip Gordon. I can't imagine getting anything worthwhile back for Westbrook. I think Westbrook will calm down once he realizes that no one in the league wants him. 

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