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Moving to LA, the Palms/Culver city v. Carthay Circle ?

Hello everyone!

I am relocating to LA for work from NY and I would appreciate any advice on which city is safer the Palms/Culver City or Carthay circle.


Any areas to avoid?

Is public transportation, specifically the bus, safe in LA? 

Thank you for time and help!

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    People don't call it Carthay Circle.  It's just part of Mid-Wilshire.

    The bus is safe but it's going to take eons to get anywhere, unless you staying in those little neighborhoods.

    What area is safest?  Culver City because it's not part of the City of Los Angeles.  But you have to realize Culver City has a pretty OC Republican vibe = fiscal conservative, social moderate, environmentally friendly.

    Palms is the least safe and the cheapest.

    Any areas to avoid? Culver City/Palms and Mid-Wiltshire are not exactly next door to each other.   That little 6 miles driving can be 45 minutes during rush hour (driving a personal car).  Riding in a bus... it's going to take awhile.  Our public transportation is not very vast.

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