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Social Injustice? Ironic given footballers wages?

I’ve noticed when players take the knee before EPL games , the commentators have started to describe it as “against racism and social injustice”.

Do you not think footballers earning more in a week than most people earn in 10 years, is actually a social injustice in itself?


Adam. You do realise doctors and nurses do actually get paid in spite of how the media likes to portray them?

Abd J do put my money where my mouth is and refuse to pay for sports channels.

Update 2:

Politicians earn more than footballers ? The Prime Minister gets £150,000 a year, David de Gea gets £375,000 a WEEK or £

Update 3:

or £20m a year.

Only 3 CEO in the UK earned more.

Update 4:

Thanks CMD, very helpful. Great idea , I’ll become a premier league player , why didn’t I think of that.? Ffs, and I’m the idiot?

Update 5:

It’s absolutely absurd to say “no one is stopping anyone becoming a professional footballer , or surgeon, astronaut , banker or other pro sports man. Sure you just apply and the jobs yours.

This “ you can be anything you want” causes massive disillusionment for young people. I’m not saying don’t have some ambition, but becoming a PL footballer “ because you want to?” . I’ll give my team a call tomorrow, I’m sure they’ll want me for Saturday. I’m not sitting on the bench or any sh1t, no9 start. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    yes  what makes me laugh is when a commentator says about a 50 million plus player he took it on the wrong foot  for that price id expect him to score with  his d*ck

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    2 months ago

    A few people getting paid insane amounts is just basic capitalist market economics. Not many people can do what they do, and a vast number of people want to pay to watch them. Don't blame the players, blame the system.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I agree with F. Unfortunately, we are all part of this economic system or supply and demand. The only way to stop it is not watching football anymore.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I praise the players and the FA for taking the Anti-Racism stance, and the whole bend the knee thing is great.

    There simply is NO ROOM for racism in our society.

    Also I highly doubt the PM's 'take home' salary is fixed at £150k

    I'd say its double that.  I have no source but then neither have you.

    As for footballers, they have a small window in which to be 'active' as professional footballers in which they must play as many games as they can and try and make as much money as they possibly can,  which I bet they do. 

    Their careers begin around 18 and end finish around mid 30s if they're playing at the highest level then youre talking just under two decades after which they retire.

    during that time they'll get paid for various stuff such as interviews and what have you.

    Footballers now are set for life as they need to save a small percentage of their earnings aside and let it build up interest of over a 12-15 year old period and they acn use that money to set up businesses or like some have done,  go on and get their coaching badges.

    the life of a footballer is always on the pitch or in training really.  The training is hard work and without it they will not get far at the highest level imo.

    Not everybody makes it in this sport,  those that do dont always end up playing at the elite level either so you must take into account that these guys are very good.

    Its not them you should aim your anger at,  its not their fault that clubs are willing to pay £50m  or more on their signature and then pay them £100-£300k a week either.

    if the clubs can afford it why not ?

    nobody is stopping anybody to become a professional footballer and earn that money, jmust like nobdoy is stopping any one from becoming a surgeon, an astronaut, a banker or a pro in another sport.

    but you can't sit there and vent out at others fortune.  Thats just absurd.

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  • 2 months ago

    Social justice is just a marketing campaign these days. 

  • It's called a contract.  Player agrees to terms with a club.  Club agrees to pay prescribed weekly amount over the length of the contract.  Player agrees to uphold his/her end of the contract.  

    If players weren't earning that money, the owners would simply keep it, so explain how THAT is social justice.  The player is one of the best in the world at their profession.  They should be paid for that skill.

  • CMD
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    2 months ago

    It's all one big ******* virtual signing fest, because everyone is scared of being brandished as some sort of racist on social media, that said a person is allowed to express themselves in a democratic society.

    Whining about footballers and how much they are paid compared to others is idiotic. I bet you get paid more than some section of society, and my guess is you justify it as you are worth it for what ever reason. If you don’t like how much a PL player gets paid then go off and become a PL player and give allllll you moneys away like ******* Gandhi.

    If you are too idiotic to understand how this works im not sure any of us can explain it to you.

    You are an idiot, that is why I am trying to make you understand this very very basic economic concept.Footballers are paid what their industry deems they are worth. Neither you nor the government dictates that, DEMAND is what deems this.This idea that because a person makes more or less than someone else does not afford themselves the same basic sociological views points or expressions than another is a very poor view point, hence why I said there are people who make LESS money than you that do you not think your lifestyle is a social injustice towards them?

  • 2 months ago

    Yes but singling our footballers seem pointless as they are relatively harmless individuals, there are bankers, politicians and CEOs doing far more damage to society and earning far more money than any footballer

  • Adam
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    2 months ago

    Every person whining about footballers wages and them being paid more than nurses doctors etc should take every penny they spend on entertaining themselves through sport, movies, TV etc and donate that to charities for nurses doctors etc. See a lot of people complaining over footballers wages but won't put their money where their mouth is

    Edit - Yes i realise that and was more a general point. Hear loads of people whining about the salaries of football players and saying Profession x should have that money etc. Yet they are happy to help pay these via subscriptions etc. I got no gripes with football players earning the money they do. Like all sportsmen/entertainers, if they generate the level of cash, I'd prefer the participants to get it rather than the owners.

  • August
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    2 months ago

    It doesn't matter what anyone one thinks because it will never change and the earning gap will only get much bigger in the years to come. That's why i don't give a fig anymore  

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