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How to attract girls?

i was told to work on myself in life and do things for myself first 

why don't girls approach me first ever

Why don't they ever make the first move

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    2 months ago

    This is somewhat of a complicated answer due to a few factors, but I'd say one of the major things I've observed, is emulating what works for others may not work for you. For example, if someone is naturally outspoken and has a personality that is very funny, like a comedian, don't try and be that guy if that isn't naturally you. It will come off as forced and unnatural, which women can usually smell a mile away. You have to find your own "niche" that coordinates with who you are. There are however, some raw, universal basic traits that pretty much all women find attractive, like confidence, being decisive, having a sense of direction, emotional/social intelligence...etc. These traits aren't anchored to any one specific type of personality, because like I said, these are "raw" and "universal" traits anyone can have. You could be a loud obnoxious person and be confident, you could be quiet and reserved, and still be confident...and so on. Also, believe it or not, not all women find the same guy attractive or as attractive as another woman might.

    Just a little bit of my 2 cents, hope I helped.

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