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What am I supposed to feel?

My boyfriend touched my higher Inter thigh near my private and I did the same to him by his thing close to it but not touching and he says it makes him feel some way like if I do it enough he’ll get a ***** but when he does it to me close to my Virginia I don’t feel anything no tingling or anything but when I got home I did have the clear stuff that comes out I don’t know what it’s called but I’m pretty sure the phrase or whatever is I was wet. Is that all that’s supposed to happen or am I supposed to feel something when he does it? 


I meant vagina and I would assume you would know what I meant unless your not smart :) 

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    Sounds like your body is reacting to his touch, which is why you get wet, but you're right, that's not all that's supposed to happen. That said, it's not unusual not to feel anything without more foreplay (kissing, touching skin, breasts, vulva and clitoris), especially if you're inexperienced. Touching near your private parts, but not your private parts might not be enough to turn you on, and many women need longer foreplay than men to get to this point.

    Now, no-one's saying you must feel this and that, but for many, when you get turned on, you'll feel a desire to be touched and a slow burn in your stomach that spreads lower to your vulva until it becomes an almost all-consuming need.

    An orgasm feels like a brief explosion/tingling of pleasure and you might feel your vagina contract in spasms. Orgasms happen when your clitoris is stimulated and/or through penetration. Not all women can get orgasms through penetration alone. Don't expect orgasms to necessarily happen right off the bat. Sex tends to get better with practise.

    If you're inexperienced, you might want to start touching yourself. Find out what you like and how you like it, so that you can guide your boyfriend along. If he's inexperienced as well, you cannot expect him to get you to climax without showing him first. That is, when the two of you get that far (I'm assuming you're both adults).

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    Okay woman to woman, no it shouldn’t feel like that... you should have some sort of orgasm if you enjoyed it or felt good... your body produces it’s own natural lubricant which is what you saw/can also mean you were “wet” but have anything happen to you in the region should make you feel hot in a good way meaning turned on... if you don’t feel anything there’s a chance if it was your first time initiating in anything sexual your mind and body weren’t ready cause I know when I did anything sexual I didn’t feel anything and that’s normal your body is trying to figure out how to do that. 

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    What is the body part called Virginia? That is a state you got Virginia and then West Virginia. Are you (female) Virginia, and he (male) West Virginia?

  • 2 months ago

    Not sure what body part a "Virginia" is

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