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Where to get help for first-generation uni students with low-budgets?

I am a first-generation student and I am kind of desperate for help because I am so lost. I'm looking to applying to schools in Europe (I live in the US) so that's making it harder yikes. My mom and I are also low on school money so scholarships that work internationally would be cool. I'm not sure if FASFA can help that much. Any tips?

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    FAFSA has a list of non US FAFSA eligible universities.  That would be a good place to start.  They also list this information on their websites but it is going to be quicker to pull down the full list.  All those universities allow you to do your full degree using FAFSA.  However, this will not cover all your costs.

    Not sure what a 'first-generation student' is but if you hold a second citizenship, that would be a good place to search too as many countries extend their tax payer subsidy to their citizens resident abroad.

    You say you are looking to apply 'in Europe'.  Presume you are aware that Europe is a continent with many different countries and languages.  Most charge low or very low tuition fees.  So the scholarships are correspondingly small.  Maintenance and travel are going to be your biggest cost and nobody is going to fund those.

    Your cheapest place to study may be your US in-state university.  If you decide to do this, apply for all the scholarship money you can.  There are lots.

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