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Rabbit GI Stasis recovery?

I had to take my 1yo dwarf rabbit to the er two days in a row: 

1st day: he was eating and pooping just lethargic, took him in, they didn’t feel as much stool in his colon as they would like, said he seemed hydrated, they gave me IV, liquid food, an anti gas or inflammatory oral liquid

2nd: he was eating and behaving ok, but not pooping at all so I called and took him in again. They didn’t feel any stool. A few hours later They did X-rays and saw stool lined up and no issues. 

Today: he is not drinking any water. He very slowly ate his pellets, took about three breaks to finally finish, picking at his hay, no interest in his vegetables, he’s usually a pig, but he’s pooping. 

I’m liquid feeding and giving him IV but I’m super concerned that he’s not eating his greens or drinking. Could it be from stress? Or do I need to go in again 

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    Phone the vet and give them an update. They can advise on whether to continue with what you're doing or if they want to change course and try something else. 

    The reduction in drinking is normal with the liquid foods and IV fluids, as they get a lot of moisture through that and won't feel thirsty. It can take a while to get a rabbit feeling good again after GI stasis and the stress of a vet visit, but there could also be another issue that needs additional attention. GI stasis is a symptom of something underlying, which can range from just digestive upset to some very serious conditions. It's always a good idea to keep your veterinarian informed of what's going on and get advice from them that's specific to your pet's case.

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