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Does the router come with wifi or do I need to find a carrier and connect the router to that?

I'm looking at getting my own wifi router for my gaming pc. I'm currently looking at the ASUS RT-AX86U AX5700 Dual Band Router. Would I just need to buy this and connect it to my pc? Or do I also need to find a carrier? Like Shaw or Telus, etc? Clearly, I don't know anything about this stuff I just want to make sure I buy what I need to make my gaming speeds faster when playing online or streaming.  

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    The router provides the WiFi.  WiFi is ONLY a method of connecting things to the network.  It is NOT your internet.


    That is a decent router and ASUS will update the code for it for years.  You connect the WAN (single port) to the modem.  And one of the Ethernet ports to the PC.  You do need a carrier to provide signal to the modem.  The setup you will end up with is,

    ISP --> Modem (buy this, not rent from isp) --> router --> everything else.

    As for gaming, ping times are vastly more important than speed.  Speed has almost NO effect on the ping times.

    The router you are looking at is future resistant in that it can do all current standards, including 802.11ax.  That brand is known for being secure, keeping updates coming, etc.  It will, when set up right, automatically update the firmware from ASUS and no one else.

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    Do you have an ISP currently?  If your ISP line is not the problem (You think it is WIFI contention) then you can add the router to your network, preferably as an access point instead of a router and just use the WIFI portion to connect to your current ISP.

    If you don't have a current ISP, then to get internet access you will need a ISP plan and account.  If you installed it, the router would work but you would not have any internet access.  Think of the wifi is simply a cable the connects the router to your pc, and that is all it does.

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    If you want wifi in your network, make sure the router you are buying has that feature. Most modern routers have a built-in switch capability and some of those come with wireless or wifi connections. Just to be sure, ask the seller if the router you are buying comes with wifi.

    It doesn't matter what ISP/carrier you subscribe to. It's your router that supplies wifi to your household. From where I am, ISPs supply the router for free. I don't know if that's true over there for you.

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    if you want a router and wifi you need to select a router with a wifi option. If you want a router with wifi then that is up to you. A router with wifi will transmit the signal. Not a carrier or ISP .

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    A router normally connects to a telephone landline and an Internet Service Provider  provides the internet link. Your PC will require a wifi usb dongle to connect wirelessly. Or you can connect directly to the router with an ethernet cable.

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